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When you choose our skilled team, you will receive expert service for whatever your project needs. We offer electrical services for new construction, remodeling, system upgrades, troubleshooting, lighting and maintenance. We go above and beyond the standards set by the National Electrical Code to ensure our customers are safe and have the best experience possible.

Alpine Electric services most of southeastern Washington. Our employees work on jobs all over the map including Richland, Kennewick, Pasco, West Richland, Burbank, Walla Walla, Yakima, Moses Lake and Wenatchee.

Our services include:

Residential Electrical Services

  • Home Rewiring
  • Light Fixture Installation
  • Outlet & Receptacle Replacement


Commercial Electrical Services

  • Florescent Light & Ballast Replacement




Commercial | Residential | Industrial

We are experienced in all phases of electrical construction and our skilled electricians provide the same reliable, dependable service for whatever your project needs.  It is our goal to Provide quality craftsmanship in a professional manner and at a fair price. That philosophy holds true in everything we do.  We provide high quality residential, commercial and industrial electrical construction and maintenance services.  We also answer on call 24 hours a day for emergency repairs.

Not only do we support new builds, remodels and renovations, we offer our expertise in troubleshooting your system when it is experiencing problems or isn’t functioning properly. These services include home, office wiring, agricultural industry and advanced medical equipment.


New Construction
Project layout and design, Receptacle placement for all the rooms in your home including garages, entertainment equipment and TV location.

Accent Lighting, such as under cabinet lighting is a great way to illuminate kitchen counter tops. Accent lighting above your cabinets is also a great way to high-light your cabinets and create a warm atmosphere.

Recessed lighting options are a popular way to illuminate your home in style. These fixtures produce great lighting and fit in with many different designs.

Chandeliers add a personal touch to any home. Pick out the perfect piece to fit in with any design scheme.

Remodels & Additions
Remodeling or adding to your home is a big project and many factors need to be taken into consideration. We strive to be the best electricians available and have experience with the most complex home remodels and additions.

Panel Upgrades & Replacements
Whether you are needing to upgrade your panel to allow for more power within your home or your current panel is in need of replacement. Our team is well qualified to safely and professionally handle your needs, bringing all components up to the standards of the National Electrical Code.


Repair & Troubleshooting
Our team is ready and willing to tackle any electrical service or repair within your home. We have a wide range of experience handling both common and uncommon electrical issues and can fix any problem you may be having in your home.

Home Inspection
Ensure that your home is safe and up to current code. We will inspect your home or business and create a report that outlines our findings. We can then make any necessary fixes to ensure safety standards are met.


Retro Fits
Bring your building up to today’s new economically efficient lighting by installing new fixtures or retro fit your current fixtures to be more economical and save money on your electric bill.

Along with Building Maintenance we also provide parking lot and pole lighting installation and repair.

Facilities Maintenance
Regular maintenance on buildings is necessary to ensure they are always up to current safety standards. We can perform routine checks and make repairs and safety upgrades as necessary.

Panel Upgrades & Replacements
Your facility might be in need of panel upgrades to allow for more power or your current panel is in need of replacement. Our electricians are qualified to safely and professionally handle those needs, bringing all components up to the standards of the National Electrical Code.


Electrical Systems
System upgrades for storage needs and production lines.

Installing Electrical infrastructure for PLC needs, controls, troubleshooting equipment and project design.

Communication needs throughout facilities for product supervision and quality control.

Electrical Motors
Motors and motor control repairs and troubleshooting.



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Alpine Electric Lighting and Maintenance is owned and operated by Clint Jordan and Jeff, both experienced electricians in the building industry for over 20 years. Both men are passionate about the electrical industry and strive for quality craftsmanship within themselves and their employees.

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